Baseline Earnings:
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Showdown Earnings:
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Statistics calculated over all hands played by current user.

Earnings reported in units of BB/100 (big blinds per 100 hands).

Baseline numbers report player's relative performance to Slumbot playing in the same seat with the same cards.

Raw BB/100
Minimum 500 hands
Minimum 1,000 hands
Minimum 5,000 hands
Minimum 10,000 hands
Minimum 20,000 hands
Baseline BB/100
Minimum 500 hands
Minimum 1,000 hands
Minimum 5,000 hands
Minimum 10,000 hands
Minimum 20,000 hands

What are the rules of the game?

On this website, you can play heads-up (two person) no-limit Texas Holdem. The blinds are 50 and 100 chips and the stack sizes are 200 big blinds (i.e., 20,000 chips).

Unlike most poker games, your stack resets to its full size after each hand.

What is Slumbot?

Slumbot is one of the top no-limit poker bots in the world. The 2016 version of Slumbot placed first in the Annual Computer Poker Competition, the premier event for poker software.

What are the "baseline" statistics?

The baseline statistics compare how you did to how Slumbot would have done with your cards in your seat. A positive value for baseline earnings mean you did better than Slumbot would have done against itself given your cards and sitting in your seat.

Here's an example with a single hand. First Slumbot deals out cards for the board (let's say AhTd4c9s3h), the button (let's say AdKh) and the big blind (let's say TsTc). Then Slumbot plays itself on these cards. Let's say that the players get all-in (since they both have strong hands). So the result is -20,000 for the button.

Now you get to play Slumbot on these same cards. Let's suppose you're the button. Perhaps you put in 8,000 chips on the early streets but manage to fold to a large bet on the river. Your outcome is -8,000 for this hand.

Your baseline outcome is how much better (or worse) you did than Slumbot did against itself. Your baseline outcome here is +12,000 which is the difference between -8,000 and -20,000.

Your baseline statistics should better reflect the skill with which you play. They eliminate much of the luck due to getting good or bad cards by measuring your relative performance to another player playing with the same cards.

What is "BB/100"?

"BB/100" stands for big blinds per 100 hands. It measures how many big blinds you win per 100 hands played.